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If you have found your way to our website, then you know that the attractive fragrance diffusers and fragrant oils that we offer cannot be found anywhere else in the market. Our original diffuser designs and delicately blended fragrances are what keep our customers coming back for more. If this is your first time to visit us online, you’re in for a treat!


Home Of Original Clay Diffusers & Uniquely Blended Fragrances

At The Fragrant Pomander, our artistically designed clay diffusers are what have attracted customers to purchase, and enjoy our scented items. With over 31 years of experience in designing and crafting our decorative clay diffusers, as well as our uniquely blended fragrances, we believe we’ve created a product that our customers are looking for, and we work hard to deliver.  

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Where Did The Use of Fragrant Oils With Clay Diffusers Begin?

Though we design / produce all of our clay diffusers, and blend our own fragrances, the actual concept of using fragrant oils with clay diffusers dates from the Greek and Egyptian periods.  The concept is more familiar in countries such as Italy, France and England.  All of our clay diffusers are  hand-dipped in a variety of colors, always leaving a portion of the decanter in its natural porous state. It is then through the porous clay part of our clay diffusers, that the fragrance emits, and provides a delicate fragrance wherever it is placed. 

Choose From A Complete Line Of Uniquely Designed Clay Diffusers & Fragrant Oils

If you are familiar with us, you have seen us in the marketplace at fine art /craft shows or other venues where we exhibit our products.  We are always grateful to introduce our items to new customers, as well as encounter return customers at our retail events. But we are proud to now offer our uniquely designed fragrance diffusers and fragrances online.  Recently, we have introduced our own decorative reed diffusers which have been a popular addition.

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